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About us

We would like to introduce our self as a manufacturer and exporter of zinc/galvanized garden and household sundries like buckets, vases, flowerpots, pans,  watering-cans, lanterns and natural forest products like  pine cones, grapewood, pinus maritima, green moss,sheet moss,dired branches,wreaths and much more.

Naturel Metal and Forest products, that was set up in 1997,which exports zinc/galvanized and forest items to Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Holland.We prefer to work with only one buyer/wholesaler in each country.This allows us to increase client satisfaction,product quality and services.Now, 90% of our sales are owned by overseas customers.

Naturel Metal and Forest products presently has oriented exclusively to the production of metal goods for garden, household and decoration, the surface finish of which is carried out by galvanizing, powder coating and copper plated.

With continuous investigations, we are increasing quality of productions, raising the assortment of designs and measurements, quality controls during and after production and evaluating all comments and requests of our customers. We are not presenting only standard and own designed items.We are also producing nearly all inquiries of clients with the best prices. We are always open to produce sample as our client’s inquiry and then we can send the sample via cargo.

We have also the other product range which is natural forest items. Decoration is a complete thing so you can also find pine cones, grapewood, pinus maritima, green moss,sheet moss,dired branches,wreaths and many dried decoration things. Thereby,you can imagine that galvanized  and forest items together.

We always assist and help you with other services which include payment methods, products, samples, new models-designs, packing, transportation, labels etc.


*All sizes, different colors and models are available for us. We can produce customised products. Please just inform us your item’s details.

*Naturel Metal targets are the global quality, good service, the best price, the fast delivery(15 days).

We would you like to say thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Thank you,

Mustafa Basri BAÞALP


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